Storytelling in powerpoint


Every single slide has a story to tell

Over deze dienst

Are you looking to improve your Powerpoint presentations, but don't know where or how to start? I will help you to create a compelling top-down story that's easy to understand and would convince any Inuit of buying your ice cream. 

Through working closely with consultants from both the Big 4 and MBB I have learned industry tips and tricks, mostly through a painful process of trial and error. I am looking to share these with a broader audience to, in turn, improve my own skills.

What you can expect:
- A better understanding and application of concepts relating to storytelling in PPT, including "action titles", "MECE", "pyramid principle"
- Skills that are transferable outside of presentations, e.g. (written) communication and/or general problem-solving
- Work on a real world, preferably YOUR problem (it really helps if we have something of your own to start with)


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