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Been thinking for a while of starting your own podcast? Or have you been looking for a new way to strengthen your brand voice and stand out from the crowd? 

Then let's talk and see if a podcast is the right offering for you! 

I can help you:

  • develop a strategy for starting & creating your podcast
  • implement the plan we create
  • maintain your podcast with regular scriptwriting as you build it into something beautiful

Do you just want help with developing a concept & strategy for your podcast? Then check out my Concept and strategy for your podcast offer. 

Perhaps you're a total podcast beginner and are feeling a bit lost at sea with where to even begin? My Full podcast creation offer removes all the stress and time spent Googling 'how to start your own podcast' as I walk you through concept development, strategy and then help you maintain your podcast with scripts tailored to your brand voice and podcast goals. 

What if you've got the concept & strategy in the pipelines already, you just can't seem to set the podcast tone of voice quite right? I can help you craft the voice you are looking for with either one-off scriptwriting to give you a template you can work with, or regular scriptwriting so you can simply read & record a script each week. 

More about Me 

Hi, I'm Liz! I do freelance branding and design for businesses in the hospitality industry, but have a passion for podcasting (this year I set up my own podcast check it out here: I have a strong Advertising background and have worked as a copywriter, where I realised I have a great interest for scriptwriting and podcasting, partly for the power they have in developing & strengthening a brand's voice. I love to help businesses and entrepreneurs craft their stories, if you want to see more of what I can do then:

  • Visit my website:
  • Drop me a line at:
  • Or send me a message on Whatsapp: +44 7378 318 589 



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